Sailing Instructions

June 2019 Sailing Instructions for Gaffers / TARS Series Inside of the Barrage.

1. Safety and Responsibility
Yacht racing can be dangerous. The attention of owners, skippers
and crew is drawn to RRS Fundamental Rule 4: “A yacht is solely
responsible for deciding whether or not to start or to continue
racing”. The safety of a yacht and her crew is the sole and
inescapable responsibility of the owner or owner’s representative
who must do their best to ensure that the yacht is fully found,
thoroughly seaworthy and manned by an experienced crew who are
physically fit to face bad weather. They must be satisfied as to the
soundness of the hull, spars, rigging, sails and all gear. They must
ensure that the safety equipment is properly maintained and
stowed and that the crew know where it is kept and how it is to be
2. Cardiff Bay Yacht Club accept no responsibility or liability for loss of
life or injury to members or others, or for the loss of, or damage to,
any vessel or property.
3. The owner and crew will be held jointly responsible for the conduct
of the yacht’s crew before, during and after a race. Misconduct may
result in both owner and crew being excluded from future races and
render a yacht liable to disqualification.
4. Yachts must hold a valid and current boat insurance which covers
them for third party claims of up to £3,000,000 for the entire period
of the series.
5. Crew members’ attention is drawn to RRS 1.2 life-saving equipment
. . . “Each competitor is individually responsible for wearing
personal flotation devices adequate for the conditions.”
6. No yacht may carry an anchor that overhangs its bow

  • Transom mounted outboard motors are considered a part of the
    yacht’s equipment.
    7. The Cardiff Harbour Authority regulations and Notices to Mariners
    will apply.
    8. The skipper is responsible for ensuring their boat is equipped and
    seaworthy so as to be able to complete the course; that the skipper
    and crew are of sufficient number, experience and fitness to
    complete the race course safely; and that the safety equipment is
    properly maintained, stowed and in date and the crew know how to
    use it.
    9. The fact that yachts are scrutinised, or otherwise inspected by the
    race organisers, does not reduce the responsibilities of the yacht
    and/or skipper set out in any other part of these Sailing Instructions
    or Notice of Series.
    2. Rules
    The series will be organised by Cardiff Bay Yacht Club, in
    association with the OGA and governed by these sailing
    instructions, The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the prescriptions of
    the RYA, except as any of these are changed by these sailing
    The series are designated Category C as described in the ISAF
    Advertising Code.
    3. Eligibility
    Yachts shall be single hull vessels
     All yachts are required to display any sponsor’s stickers or flag
    as provided.
     Yachts shall have a handicap decided by the Gaffers Series
    4. Radio Communication
     Although the course is fixed, using existing marks in the Bay, all
    yachts must carry a working VHF transceiver and monitor Ch M for
    the duration of the series.
     Yachts should keep radio communications to the minimum on
    Channel M except on matters of safety or unless contacted by the
    series officer.
    5. Notices to Competitors and Changes in Sailing Instructions
    Notices to Competitors and Changes in Sailing Instructions will be
    displayed on the club website at and/or by the Series
    Officer on VHF Ch M
    6. Schedule of Series
    The series schedule will be displayed on the Club website.
    7. Courses
     The lifting buoys, where fitted, for Weather Stations within the bay
    will be used as marks of the course which will be fixed for the whole
     The start and finish line will be at W3 between the single lifting
    buoy and the two small buoys towards the Sails on the Barrage.
     The course will be clockwise, W3, W1, W2. 2 laps will be sailed.
     The C, D and H buoys must not be used unless they are part of
    your course from one mark to the next.
     Each yacht will time its own set of 2 laps, and the time must being
    sent to the Series Officer as soon as possible.
    8. Starting & Finishing Procedures
     There will be no fixed start time.
     Boats can start at any time during the sailing period and must self
    9. Protests
     Boats intending to protest are requested to inform the series officer
    as soon as possible by radio etc. Protests shall then be delivered in
    writing to the series officer by the end of the day. Official protest
    forms will be available behind the bar in the CBYC Clubhouse.
     Protests where there has been no contact
    All Protests where there has been no contact will be decided by
    Arbitration. Arbitration shall replace the protest hearing required
    under RRS 63. A Protest Mediator or his designated substitute will
    decide if the protest is valid. Each party being protested shall then
    provide a written response to the Protest within 24 hours of being
    supplied with a copy of it. The Protest will be decided on the basis
    of the written Protest form and the reply from each party protested.
    The Protest Mediator shall have total discretion as to whether
    further evidence (including witness evidence) may be submitted.
    The Protest Mediator shall have total discretion as to whether to
    convene a hearing to hear further evidence. The decision will be
     Protests where there has been contact
    Protests where there has been contact will be decided by a Protest
    Committee in accordance with RRS 63
     Penalty for Protests decided by Arbitration
    Any party found to have infringed a rule shall not be disqualified but
    shall incur a 25% place penalty subject to a minimum of 3 places.
    No penalty shall result in a score which would exceed that of a
    Application of a penalty shall not affect the place or score of other
    Any decision shall be final.
    10. Scoring & Discards
     The low point scoring system, in accordance with RRS 90.3, will be
     Yachts scoring DNF or RET will score points for the number of
    starters in the race + 1. All other yachts not classified (i.e. DSQ,
    OCS etc) will score 20 points
     If there are no finishers then no points will be awarded
     Discards will be decided on a series basis and published on CBYC
    11. Results
    Results will be displayed on the Cardiff Bay Yacht Club website as
    soon as possible
    12. Penalties at the time of the incident
    Penalty turns shall be taken in accordance with RRS 14
    Series Committee
    Roger Wallington Gaffers Series Chairman