Notice of Race 2020

The organising authority is Cardiff Bay Yacht Club.
2.1 Yacht racing can be dangerous. The attention of owners, skippers and crew is drawn to RRS
Fundamental Rule 4: “A yacht is solely responsible for deciding whether or not to start or to
continue racing”. The safety of a yacht and her crew is the sole and inescapable responsibility of
the owner or owner’s representative who must do their best to ensure that the yacht is fully found,
thoroughly seaworthy and manned by an experienced crew who are physically fit to face bad
weather. They must be satisfied as to the soundness of the hull, spars, rigging, sails and all gear.
They must ensure that the safety equipment is properly maintained and stowed and that the crew
know where it is kept and how it is to be used.
2.2 Cardiff Bay Yacht Club and other organising clubs accept no responsibility or liability for loss
of life or injury to members or others, or for the loss of, or damage to, any vessel or property.
2.3 Yachts must hold a valid and current boat insurance covering them for third party claims of up
to £3,000,000 for the entire duration of the series.
3.1 The race will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) of the ISAF, the prescriptions and
safety regulations of the Offshore Racing Council, the International Rule (Club), the rules of the Club
Portsmouth Yardstick based system, the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea
(where applicable), and this Notice of Race, all as modified by the Sailing Instructions.
3.2 IRC Rule 22.4 shall not apply. There will be no limitations on crew weight.
3.3 RRS 52 shall not apply with regard to autopilots only.
4.1 Racing is for self-righting, single hull vessels racing under the National Handicap for Cruisers
(NHC) system or for boats with valid IRC certificates.
4.2 For any series, boats will be allocated to fleets based on the number of entries received by the
Friday before the start of any series as the committee see fit. The preference will be for an IRC fleet
and a NHC fleet. If there are insufficient IRC boats entered for a series then two or more NHC fleets
will race. The IRC or NHC fleets may be split into two fleets based on boat performance. There will
be a NHC fleet if three or more boats enter.
4.3 All boats must comply with the safety requirements as detailed in Appendix I.
4.4 All boats must have as skipper an adult with some experience of the race area and the type of
4.5 All skippers/owners must complete and sign an entry form that will remain valid throughout the
years Club Series Racing. All competitors under 18 years of age must present a completed Consent
Form to the Club office or Race Committee before their first race. One such form will be required
from each skipper with whom that junior sails.
4.6 All non CBYC member skippers and crew will be considered as temporary members while racing.
5.1 Entries will be accepted at any time before or during a series.
5.2 Entry fees are as follows;
Early bird Series £25
Spring Series £25
Tuesday Evening Spring Series £20
Tuesday Evening Summer Series £20
Frostbite Series £25
To enter all the series the cost is £115, but if paid before 30th January 2020 the cost is £105
If you enter a series after it has started then the cost increases by £15.
Boats may enter individual races at £5 per race by prior arrangement with the Race Officer. This is
limited to three races in any series.
If a boat appears to start three or more races in a series, but does not pay an entry fee, then the fee
for that series plus the £15 penalty will be required before they can enter and pay for a subsequent
Pay online, cheque (payable to ‘Cardiff Bay Yacht Club’), credit card or cash direct to the Club Office
by post, phone or in person.
Failure to pay the Race Fee within two weeks of a yacht’s first start shall result in previous races
being discarded.
6.1 Registration should be made online at Sailing Instructions will be posted
on the CBYC web site.
7.1 If a series is sponsored then yachts shall carry the sponsor’s logo stickers or flags as provided.
8.1 The low point scoring system, in accordance with RRS 88.3, will be used.
8.3 Yachts scoring DNF will score points for the number of starters in the race + 1. All other yachts
not classified (i.e. DSQ, OCS etc.) will score points for the number of entries + 2.
8.4 Yachts still racing at a race time limit will be awarded an equal share of the available points had
they all completed the course. If there are no finishers then no points will be awarded.
8.5 Discards. 3 races sailed – all to count,4-7 races sailed – 1 discard, 8 races sailed – 2 discards,
12 races sailed – 3 discards.
9.1 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes will be awarded in each series for each fleet or as the race committee
sees fit
Early bird Series 2nd February – 22nd March 8 Races outside the barrage on Sundays (See
Note 1)
Spring Series 5th April – 21st June 10 Races outside the barrage on Sundays (See
Note 1)
Tuesday Evening
Spring Series
5th May – 23rd June 8 Races on laid courses in the Bay
Tuesday Evening
Summer Series
30th June – 18thAugust 8 Races on laid courses in the Bay
Frostbite Series 13th September – 29th
12 Races outside the barrage on Sundays (See
Note 1)
Note 1. In these series, up to three races per series may be held in the Bay if tidal or other
considerations preclude racing in the Channel.
11 Scrutineering.
12.1 All boats must be scrutinised within two weeks of their first start of the year.
12.2 This should be completed on the form as shown in Appendix 2.
12.3 Completed forms should be deposited in the Club Office or scanned/photographed and sent by email
12.4 A boat may not scrutinise themselves for this purpose.
12.5 Failure to present a completed scrutineering form within two weeks of a yacht’s first start shall result
in previous races being discarded.
Race Committee
Trevor Clarke Cruiser Racing Chairman
Ian Jones Race Committee member
Jonathan Crofts-Davies Race Committee member
Colin Rose Race Committee member
Howard Easton Race Committee member
Appendix 1
Safety regulations
1. Application
These regulations apply to all boats racing in the Cardiff Bay Yacht Club Cruiser Series racing
2. General
All safety equipment shall be of a suitable size and type for the boat and all equipment and fittings
(including outboard engines if carried) shall be securely fastened.
3. Buoyancy
Each boat shall either be self-draining or be equipped with a suitable means for bailing or pumping.
4. Personal buoyancy
Adequate personal buoyancy shall be carried for each member of the crew (wetsuits do not count as
personal buoyancy).
5. Radio
Each boat shall carry a suitable marine band VHF transceiver for use in an emergency.
6. Flares
Each boat shall carry at least two in-date red hand held flares and at least two in-date orange smokes in a
waterproof pack. Electronic type flares are acceptable alternatives.
7. Anchor
Each boat shall carry a suitable anchor and sufficient chain/warp to hold the boat in 15m depth of water in
the expected racing conditions.
8. Fire extinguisher
Boats carrying fuel shall carry a fire extinguisher.
9. First aid
Each boat shall carry a waterproof first aid pack with instructions.
10. Man overboard
Each boat shall carry a rescue quoit or throw-bag with at least 15m of floating line.
11. Each boat shall have a suitable working engine and sufficient fuel to propel the boat to a safe haven
from any point of any expected course.
12. Each boat must carry a knife suitable for the cutting of any rope on the boat and accessible from the
Appendix 2
CBYC Club Series Racing equipment check
Boat name Skipper Date
Item Present Comment
Bilge pump or bucket Complete with operating handle
Life jackets 1 per crew member
Radio A working VHF that can transmit and receive on Ch 16 and M
Flares At least two in-date red hand flares and two orange
smokes (or alternative electronic alternatives) in a waterproof pack
Anchor Each boat shall carry a suitable anchor and sufficient chain/warp
Fire extinguisher Boats carrying fuel shall carry a fire extinguisher.
First aid Waterproof first aid pack with instructions
Man overboard Rescue quoit or throw-bag with at least 15m of floating
Knife A suitable knife accessible from the cockpit
Engine Each boat shall have a suitable working engine and sufficient fuel
General All equipment must be of a suitable size and type for the boat
Scrutineer Date