Safety Regulations

1. Application
These regulations apply to all boats in the Gaffers Series
2. General
All safety equipment shall be of a suitable size and type for the boat and all equipment
and fittings (including outboard engines if carried) shall be securely fastened.
3. Buoyancy
Each boat shall either be self-draining or be equipped with a suitablemeans for bailing or pumping.
4. Personal buoyancy
Adequate personal buoyancy shall be carried for each member of the crew (wetsuits do not
count as personal buoyancy).
5. Radio
Each boat shall carry a suitable marine band VHF transceiver for use in an emergency.
6. Engine
Each boat shall have a suitable working engine and sufficient fuel to propel the boat to a
safe haven from any point.
7. Knife
Each boat must carry a knife suitable for the cutting of any rope on the boat and accessible
from the cockpit.