The cod comp this year will have a second date available should the weather be to bad to fish, but don’t delay in getting your bookings in for the biggest event of the year, contact Phil Evans, Steve Tipples or Paul Ackerman for further details.

Unfortunately due to the weather forecast this weekend the competition has been postponed to the reserve date of the 12th Jan 2020

We wish you tight lines over the festive period and hope to see you all on the reserve date…

Winter Times Competitions 

0700hrs – last weigh in 1715hrs

High Water

Tide Height

Comp Type

Sun 5th Oct11.0210.1MtrSimon Leek Cup
 Sun 13th Oct06.3711.9MtrClub Comp
 Sun 27th Oct06.0312.6MtrClub Comp
 Sun 10th Nov05.2411.3MtrClub Comp
 Sun 24th Nov04.4811.6MtrChicken Run
Sun 1st Dec09.3611.1MtrClub Comp
 Sun 15th Dec08.4512.0Mtr** COD COMP (1st) **
Fri 27th Dec07.3412.4MtrChristmas Comp
↓——-2020———-↓   ↓——–2020——↓
Sun 12th Jan07.5111.92Mtr**COD COMP(2nd)**
Sun 26th Jan07.5111.13MtrClub Comp
 Sun 9th Feb 06.4511.64MtrClub Comp
 Sun 23rd Feb07.0010.64MtrTriad Shield
Sun 8th March05.4610.78MtrClub Comp
Sun 22nd March06.019.75MtrClub Comp