T.A.R.S. - Tuesday/Thursday Afternoon Race Series





This series is for anyone who wants to use their boat on a Tuesday afternoon and when the club moves to winter opening times Thursdays instead. There is normally a race with one of the boats setting a course only using the existing marks in the bay with a start time of 14.00.

It ideally suits people and boats who may not normally race but once they start it is very addictive. There is a big emphasis on having a good time and enjoying yourself.

This group was started as an experiment in 2017 and has now become established and any yacht may join in. There is no entry fee and all boats are welcome.

There is a need to be registered but come along on a Tuesday and listen or call on VHF Channel 37(M1) from 13.00 or just turn up and the joining in will be made seamless.

There is a Facebook Group T.A.R.S. which the group use to communicate with each other. Link to Facebook Group

If you are interested or want more information contact

Sean Carter info@aberfanturning.co.uk